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Transport Reloaded and Lorry-rail/VIIA for a cleaner future

A well-functioning transport system is of great importance to modern society. The transport system in Europe today faces many challenges. The intensity of transport flows is increasing as a result of growing trade and, consequently, the demand for transport. So far, most of this increase has been absorbed by road transport. This is causing great concern in Europe due to high emissions (especially greenhouse gases) from transport and congestion on the European road network. At present, one of the European Union's most urgent objectives for the transport sector is to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The modal shift from the road or maritime transport to more environmentally friendly rail transport should contribute to achieving these goals.

Transport Reloaded and Lorry-rail/VIIA, part of Rail Logistics Europe, are therefore joining forces and proudly presenting this cooperation, which embodies the European Union's vision of clean air for all. As the first in its class, Granalu's tippers are therefore type-approved for the French railways, and we are thus doing our bit to help realise this global challenge.

Transport Reloaded, based in Raamsdonksveer, together with Lorry-rail/VIIA, guarantees a cleaner future and we will do everything we can to continue to innovate and find other ways to transport rolling stock across the European Union in an efficient, environmentally conscious and therefore CO2-saving manner.

For more information, contact Transport Reloaded at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +31 162249 003.

Photo from left to right: Sebastian Castro, Transport Reloaded - Sebastiaan Klijnee, Lorry-Rail VIIA - Paul de Jong, Transport Reloaded

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