Transport Reloaded is the distributor of Granalu aluminum tippers and moving floor trailers in the Benelux and the UK. In addition, there is a collaboration with Nijwa Trucks for the Northeast of the Netherlands and Loven for Limburg and Eastern part of Brabant for the sale and service of Granalu trailers.

Granalu is market leader in Spain and has expanded its activities to South Europe, specially Italy and France, where a promising growth has been observed regarding the delivery of aluminium tipper and walking floor trailers.

Transport Reloaded products comply with the highest European standards. With a full range of aluminium trailers in the variety of tippers, walking floors, container chassis, chassis for trunks and platforms, Transport Reloaded covers a complete selection of possibilities available in aluminium finish.


In the 90’s three passionate entrepreneurs started to build trailers entirely out of aluminium in Spain. In the meantime, Granalu owns a self-designed 14.000m2 factory complying with the highest European standards and authorized by Spanish approving authorities, based on EC guidelines and UN regulations.

This milestone was achieved among others thanks to the development of self-designed welding robots, bypassing limitations other manufacturers have to deal with. The automated welding processes deliver guaranteed quality and high-class product. Granalu is not bound to standard models and can adapt designs at buyer’s option.


The range of Granalu aluminium tippers and walking floors offers a transport solution for pretty much all sorts of bulk cargo. Thanks to constructing its structure entirely out of high-quality aluminium panels, their trailers are among the lightest of their type, without affecting the desired stability. Thanks to state of art welding robots, Granalu disposes of a particularly strong, completely automated chassis production.

There is a different regulation in every country regarding maximum weights and usage. These regulations are integrated in Granalu’s delivery program.


In a market where weight, quality and stability are crucial for profitable transport, Transport Reloaded and Granalu offer the solution

Innovation stands for Granalu, the possibilities for a tailor-made trailer are endless and completely depend on your wishes.

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