Transport Reloaded is the importer of Reisch steel hardox tippers and walking floor trailers for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Martin Reisch GmbH is a Bavarian traditional, long-established manufacturer of high-quality moving floor vehicles and tipper semi-trailers as well as trailers for the agricultural sector.


The company was founded in 1951 and managed by the third generation of the family. Since October 2019, the business group Konstanz from Vienna has taken over the shares of Mr Markus Schroder and is now leading the company. In 2018, the company generated a turnover of more than 26 million euros with approximately 200 employees.


Reisch produces a total of approximately 1,100 vehicles per year. Thanks to years of experience and customer focus, the vehicles correspond to the needs of the market. In addition to the wide variety of standard products, customers benefit from the company's high solution competence for customer requirements.


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Transport Reloaded products comply with the highest European standards. With a full range of trailers in the variety of tippers, walking floors, container chassis, chassis for woodtransport and platforms, Transport Reloaded covers a complete selection of possibilities.

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